vendredi 30 octobre 2009

MagicScrollbar, a new Jetpack experiment

You know, when loo­king at a page on the web, our indi­ca­tion of it’s length is the size of the scroll bar in our brow­ser win­dow (if it’s small, the page is long). Some­ti­mes, our assump­tion about the arti­cle’s length is wrong because while scrol­ling you see that most of the page is  […]

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dimanche 23 août 2009

First prototype for ThumbTabs (code name)

It was a long time since I star­ted the deve­lop­ment of my exten­sion for Fire­fox. I easily manage to create a side­bar and list all the tabs. But qui­ckly I found my first dif­fi­cul­ties… I sear­ched how to create a thumb­nail of a web page. Well, it’s quite easy there is a func­tion for that :  […]

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lundi 10 août 2009, my project for MMTC

Let’s start my first post on MMTC pla­net. As you may know, my first goal was to deve­lop an exten­sion which ena­ble us to paste an URL into the down­load mana­ger. This action should start the down­load of the file repre­sen­ted by the URL. The exten­sion was just the first part, then I plan­ned  […]

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jeudi 16 juillet 2009

Changement de ligne éditoriale dans le cadre du Madrid Mozilla Technologies Course

Photo d'ensemble de la classe

Sur une initiative de la Mozilla Foundation, de Mozilla Europe et de l'Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid (via LibreSoft), est né le Madrid Mozilla Technologies Course. C'est un cours de 3 mois, principalement en ligne, sur les technologies Mozilla avec une semaine de cours intensive à Madrid  […]

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