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First prototype for ThumbTabs (code name)

It was a long time since I star­ted the deve­lop­ment of my exten­sion for Fire­fox. I easily manage to create a side­bar and list all the tabs. But qui­ckly I found my first dif­fi­cul­ties… I sear­ched how to create a thumb­nail of a web page. Well, it’s quite easy there is a func­tion for that :  […]

Lire la suite, my project for MMTC

Let’s start my first post on MMTC pla­net. As you may know, my first goal was to deve­lop an exten­sion which ena­ble us to paste an URL into the down­load mana­ger. This action should start the down­load of the file repre­sen­ted by the URL. The exten­sion was just the first part, then I plan­ned  […]

Lire la suite

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